For those that like photography but are still digging the basics, this is an excellent way to get an insight about this fascinating activity. We will go through tech settings like exposure time, f-stops or apertures, ISO and white balance.
On the other hand, if you are already familiar with the tech settings described above, but still need a hand on how to create some magic, this might be the right photography workshop, because we will spend most of the day aiming to the best image composition with rules.

This street photography workshop can be very flexible and accomodate different levels of experience. We can chat about all this to plan what is best for you. The workshop will take place on the streets of Lisbon.
While we discuss about all the above, we take photos, we bracket the photos, we comment the photos until there is a clear improvement. Choosing the best photo or choosing a group of photos to create a portfolio or a slideshow can be hard, so we will do it as well.
You can have a DSLR camera (high-end or entry-level), a hybrid camera or a compact camera, either way you will learn a lot during this full day photography workshop.


You can check PINTEREST which is organized by boards to get a good idea about the power of simple and well composed photos. The boards are organized by themes or areas, thus helping you to see how you can organize your own photos. You can also check INSTAGRAM if you want an overall picture of the pictures you can do in and around Lisbon.
As the day goes by, you will enjoy getting lost within some of the nicest areas in Lisbon. This is a very important detail if you have someone with you.
Your companion will also enjoy the tour, because it will be a full day of local history, culture and interaction with the elderly residents.

Our lunch break will be at a nice Portuguese restaurant with that warm family feeling. We will have the chance to see some of the best views in Lisbon and also some of the hidden gems.
Mobile phones can do wonders if the owner knows how to use them as a camera. This could be good news for your companion, because he or she will also take advantage of our private meeting. Regardless of the model, it is the way we see the world that makes the photo.
LISBON PHOTO is owned and managed by MIGUEL HELFRICH, a very nice guy that also happens to be a local professional photographer for more than two decades.
His main area has been street photography for the past decade, but he started with underwater photography which is much more demanding. Miguel did it for more than a decade.
Both areas give exceptional results if you apply two basic rules – “keep it simple” and “less is more”. We will do that together.


Last but not least, I suggest a full day photography workshop, to give you time to process all the information you will get. Half day is also available and we can do something customized for you as well.

Duration • Full day (approx 10h) • Half day (approx 5h)
Prices • Full day 220EUR • Half day 160EUR