Duration • Full day (approx 9h) • Half day (approx 4h)

Prices • Full day 180EUR • Half day 90EUR


The list of subjects is endless, as you might imagine. Typical themes are doors & windows, tiles, trams and people. Typical districts to visit are Alfama, Mouraria, Castelo, Baixa, Chiado, Bairro Alto and Bica. So depending on your style, we can adjust the route.
What is interesting about this tour is that we will discuss exposure and image composition, so that you can improve your photography skills, while having a nice chat with me. Although people love colors, we will try some b&w approach in certain situations. You will be surprised with the results. Check on your camera how to change the mode to monochrome.
Perhaps the best I can do for you is to help you see the world from a new perspective – simplicity. “Less is more” and “keep it simple” are poweful tools to use in photography.
You can check PINTEREST which is organized by themes to get a good idea about all the possibilities. You can also check INSTAGRAM if you want an overall picture of the pictures.



For the morning tour we start at 8AM (8:00) and we end at 12PM (12:00). For the afternoon tour we start at 2PM (14:00) and we end at 6PM (18:00). If you book a full day, it goes from 8AM (8:00) until 6PM (18:00). All this can be adjusted to the season and to your agenda, so you can count on some flexibility.


You can bring all your cameras and lenses, because it will give us an excuse to try all kinds of perspectives. If it is too heavy, we can plan ahead what will make more sense. All types of camera are OK, big DSLR, compact or pocket size, or even a mobile phone. What matters is the ability to see the world. Walking shoes (normal/trekking/fitness) are the best choice, because Lisbon can be tricky to walk. Early mornings can be chilly, so check the weather forecast and use your common sense.


We meet downtown and centrally, at the main Lisbon square. It is called Praça Dom Pedro IV, but the common name is Rossio. You will see two green fountains, we meet at the northern one that is near the classic big and white theatre. It may be possible to meet you at your location in Lisbon, if it makes sense to start the tour there.


We will mostly walk, at a slow pace, so that you and your companion have time to see, photograph and have fun with the experience. On a full day tour, we may use the Metro (Subway) or a tram to jump to another area of the city. But even on a full day tour, chances are that it will be a walking tour. Sounds like too much, but it is not. We can rest everytime we want/need. Lisbon is known as the hilly city and it is true, so be ready for some ups and downs and many steps.



Lisbon has a moderate climate, these days with much more sun then clouds. Rain can happen once in a while, so the typical tour is under blue sky. Clouds can be good to make the blue sky more interesting. Rain, if not too heavy, can give exceptional photography results, because it saturates your colors and creates a glossy effect. Very good. So we have to be ready – I have a huge umbrella that can cover you and your camera, or you can be crazier then me and photograph under the rain.


This is important information for your companion. Lots of couples or friends think that the non-photographer will have the worse time of their lifes, being ignored by the tour leader. Well, this is so wrong. All the companions will have a super fun time, becase they will make part of the tour. They will do teamwork with you, finding subjects to photograph, they will comment your image composition, they will play with their own small camera or mobile phone and I will make sure that they will see a clear improvement on their photos.


Being a local and living in Portugal since birth, it is normal to know a lot about the local history and culture. This is something that is shared with you all along the tour, between a nice photo, during a break or along the way. It makes this photo tour very complete in terms of local experience, for you and your companion. You will all know about the local history and culture in a light and relaxed way. In the end you will remember it.


One of the best things you can do is to interact with the locals. We will do that every time we have the chance. It enriches the whole experience and it can also be very funny. All the elderly residents from the old districts are dying to chat with me, or perhaps with you. Anyway, it is one of the best things we can all do to break the ice and, humanwise, give the tour a warmer feeling.


We will have some. On a half day tour we usually stop for a coffee or drink, also to have the chance to use the toilet. A full day tour has all of that plus a nice lunch break at a nice local restaurant. I never know exactly where and when to stop, because it depende on our route, time and calendar day.