Duration • Full day (approx 9h to 10h)

Prices220EUR (limited to 4 pax)


You will have many different subjects to compose on and photograph. For a start, you will have a simple but rich colour scheme, which is pure white combined with yellow, blue or red. Most of the little houses are like this. Then you have the texture of the tiles that cover all the houses and they make a wonderful contrast with the white of their walls.
You will be composing with lines, mostly diagonals and verticals. The medieval wall itself is actually more interesting as a place to photograph than to be photographed. On the other hand, the medieval castle is one of the landmarks. If we are lucky enough to have some well defined clouds, we will end the tour with an even bigger smile.
Should you have a tripod and some ND filters, we can climb the wall and try some wide-angle photos with a long exposure, hoping to wipe out all the other visitors. Moving away from the main streets is also a good idea, because there is always a quiet corner to play around and try some new perspectives.
Obidos is normally full of flowers, so if you like macro photography, we can add that theme to your portfolio. There is also a bookstore that can be an exceptional challenge, almost like a workshop about b&w photography. We will see, we will improvise and do our best. Always.
Please go to PINTEREST which is organized by boards and check the Obidos one. You can also browse INSTAGRAM to check the overall quality of the photos we do, with a different perspective on how to approach photography.



Obidos is 85km from Lisbon, so we have to meet and leave early in the morning. The plan is to start the photo tour in Obidos around 8:30AM (8:30), because we want to explore a quiet town. Therefore, we have to leave Lisbon at 7AM (7:00) sharp. End of the photo tour in Obidos will be around 3PM (15:00), so the plan is to be back to Lisbon around 4:30PM (16:30). Al this may be dependant on what we will face in terms of action, light and traffic as well.


Obidos is the place to try and use all your photo equipment. It is a very small town, so we will have plenty of time to experiment all kinds of tech stuff and image compopsition. You can also use your tripod if you would like to experiment with ND filters. Good walking shoes are almost mandatory, because the ground is quite polished and the medieval steps are radical. Check the weather forecast for the temperature and for the rain.


We always meet at your local adress (hotel/apartment) and the meeting time is 7AM (7:00) sharp. You will see me with a Lisbon Photo id-card and waiting next to a red car. Your local address will define how long it will take to leave the city, usually at that time of the morning we don’t have any traffic problems. Once we hit the highway, it will take us one hour to be in Obidos. We end the tour at your local address or at a central spot if you prefer.


We will park the car outside the walls and walk all day long. Obidos is a small and compact medieval town, with an original wall defense system and a castle. Main streets are straight, but the side ones could mean some extra exercise for your legs, nothing extreme. Most likely our main physical challenge will be to climb the medieval wall, but we will do it slowly and the reward will be very good. Obidos can get full of visitors around lunch time, so we will move around with two main goals, explore and plan some good photos and avoid the most crowded streets.



Obidos has a climate like Lisbon, a moderate one. It will be chilly during winter and hot during summer, but nothing will ever be extreme. Just by checking the weather forecast you will know what to wear. Rain is less and less frequent, so should it happen during the photo tour, the wet effect will add a lot to your photos. Chances are we will have less visitors as well. I can have a huge umbrella to cover you and your camera, while your companion can have their own or a rain coat. It is something out of our control so the best to do is to make it an opportunity.


Companions will have a great time too, because Obidos is a delight to the eyes. Even with a simple mobile phone, I will be there to give some hints to improve mobile photos. Your companion can make part of the action too, searching for little details, colours, arches and paths, also seeing how your photos are getting better. Obidos is the perfect town to explore little shops that sell handicraft. No one will ever get bored. And then there is also local history and culture.


This litle town goes back to the middle age, showing proudly the castle and the wall. Inside you have layer over layer of history until the present days. It is fascinating to see all the effort to keep the overall look unchanged. So along the day, we will chat about the local history and culture and get insights about some of the local landmarks. The Obidos photography tour is always a very complete and rewarding experience for all the participants.


This is something quite possible to do along the day. The locals are nice and friendly and like to talk about their lifes. It should be fairly easy to connect with some of the elderly residents, with my help in the beginning, then perhaps to practice your Portuguese.


We will have some break points along the tour. We can have a nice coffee break during the morning and try some of the local sweets, we can stop for a Ginjinha and make a toast to all the the fun we are having, all these are simple to do. Your companion can sit almost everywhere while we plan the next photo. The longest break will be lunch, always nice and simple Portuguese food.