Photography by Mathias Passler

Miguel Helfrich, born in Lisbon, raised in Lisbon and Porto, Portuguese mother and German father, speaking Portuguese, English, some Spanish and a bit of German… what a mess! Photography was his hobby for such a long time, that it became his full time business. This will be your photography guide and your friend.


Miguel Helfrich
NIF: PT 195 012 950
RNAAT: 244/2014


Professional Photographer since 1999
Underwater Photography Instructor and Competitor
Underwater Photography Judge
Photography Instructor with own/private advanced course
Freelancer for magazines: Volta ao Mundo, Rotas e Destinos
Freelancer for magazines: Mundo Submerso, Planeta d’Agua
Freelancer for magazines: Portugal Dive, Mundo Nautico
Author of the Photography book “imersus”
Author of the Photography book “a walk at the town of Soure”
Photography Manager at Planeta d’Agua magazine
Image & Communication Manager at O Peixe Voador travel agency
Image & Communication Manager at Bestdive diving school
Image & Communication Manager at Proxima Viagem travel agency
Founder of IMAGEM GURU project
Founder of LISBON PHOTO project


Web Design certification by Formabase
Photoshop certification by Formabase
Digital Photography certification by IPF
Photography Judge certification by FPAS
Officially Certified Former by IEFP
Certified Underwater Photographer


So meet the real TEAM, composed by Miguel and lots of happy faces –  here only a few shown, forgive me all the others. Miguel is a very nice guy that knows a lot about photography and sees the world under two basic concepts: “Keep it Simple” and “Less is More”.  The rest of the team is all over the world, visitors that came to Lisbon, had a terrific time with LISBON PHOTO and left with the best memories. We all became friends.