Duration • Half day (approx 3h)

Prices120EUR (limited to one family)


By the time we meet, you will get a map of Lisbon and a roadbook. The map shows a real route through old Lisbon and the roadbook has a number of hints and riddles to help you navigate to the next photography challenge. You have to work as a team to overcome the photo challenges. Everytime you achieve a goal, the kids will get a stamp on the map.
To achieve a goal, the kids have to photograph something very specific that I will validate as a tour leader. It is also an opportunity to tell the kids how to best photograph that same subject. They learn about the local history and also about photography.
Parents will lead the tour (always with a hand from my side) and will decide together with the kids if they are looking at the right subject. In other words, they must follow the hints on the roadbook, then they have to understand the riddle that comes with each photo challenge and finally take the photo. Kids should take the photo.
While we do all this, there is always time to discover some unique views or coloured details that everybody can photograph. This will give me the opportunity to share with the group all my knowledge about image composition. By the end of the tour you should have a nice collection of photos.
You can check PINTEREST which is organized by boards and see the Lisbon related ones. You can also check INSTAGRAM to get many ideas on how to photograph Lisbon.



We can meet at the standard time, which is 8AM (8:00) or 2PM (14:00), depending if you prefer a morning tour or an afternoon tour. We can be flexible (because of the kids) and start the tour with some time adjustment, until 9AM (9:00) or 3PM (15:00). The kids & family photo tour goes on for three hours.


Any camera is OK, as long as we can view the photos. You can have a DSLR, a compact or a mobile phone, all models are good for this tour. Actually, a mobile phone can be the best choice for the kids, because it is handy and light and easy for them to hold. Walking shoes (normal/trekking/fitness) are a good choice, because Lisbon can be tricky to walk. You can always check the weather forecast and use your common sense.


The meeting point for this tour is downtown Lisbon, at Praça Dom Pedro IV, also known as Rossio. We meet at the northern fountain, near the big white classic theatre. If your hotel is also downtown, we may meet there if it makes any sense.


This tour is a walking photo tour. We do not need any public transportation. It will be a relaxed walk through some of the old areas in Lisbon, with lots of options if you or the kids need a break, eat or drink anything. Looking at the map it looks like a long way, but it is not. Time and distance will fly.



Lisbon has a wonderful weather, I would say it is the best destination for family travel. Use your common sense (and the weather forecast) to choose what to wear. Summer afternoons can be hot, so a t-shirt is enough. Winter times can be cold, but we never have snow. A warm jacket will be fine. Anyway, kids usually never complain about the weather, it is more the parents. Even if it rains, a simple rain cover/coat or small umbrella will be enough to keep the tour going.


Should your family be big or if you are visiting Lisbon with some friends, they can actually follow us and make part of the team. They can learn about the places we will see and photograph as well as help the family with the multiple photo challenges. Nobody will ever get bored.


Being a local and living in Portugal since birth, it is normal to know a lot about the local history and culture. I will be your guide all the time, explaining the places we are walking through, or photographing. The walking route I have planned is full of interest, historical and cultural. Also, each photo challenge comes with some interesting explanation for the adults.


It is great to connect with the locals and we will do that, if the opportunity shows up. Elderly residents love a nice chat with me, who knows also with you. You will have a golden opportunity to test your Portuguese, which is always an ice breaking situation. It is also very funny and everybody wins the day.


No problem with this matter. We know that family travel has singular needs. There will be countless places to stop and rest for a while. We can find a coffee shop and stop for a drink and go to the toilet, we can buy an icecream for the kids on the go, we can sit in many places and relax or discuss the roadbook.