Duration • Full day (approx 10h to 11h)

Prices • 1 pax 150EUR • 2 pax 200EUR • 3 pax 250EUR • 4 pax 300EUR


This small village is so unpredictable in terms of weather, that it is always a fascinating photography challenge, because you will have to adjust your skills to the environment, which can change suddenly.
While the village itself can be kind of easy to photograph early in the morning, could be foggy though, the monuments we will visit are a bigger challenge, because they will have more people like you, wanting to take some good memories back home.
In certain occasions, we may have to use a radical approach, like close-focus with wide-angle or long tele-photo compositions. We will do our best with the photo equipment you have, being sure that it will be an out-of-the-box photography experience.
You will photograph in colour and also in b&w, you will see strong coloured and saturated architecture, you will see gray stone details that are hard to believe, you will see nature (very green) and hopefully, you will see simplicity.
You can check PINTEREST which is organized by boards and see the Sintra related one. You can also go to INSTAGRAM to see some different perspectives and get new ideas on how to photograph Sintra.



Sintra is a magic place that calls the attention of many visitors. We will do a photography tour, so we have to beat the crowd. We leave Lisbon at 7AM (7:00) sharp to arrive to Sintra as quickly as possible. Once we park the car, we are OK. I never know exactly when the tour ends, becaue of the traffic back to Lisbon, but normally we end around 6PM to 7PM (18:00 to 19:00).


You can take all your photo equipment if you want to experiment and get a diverse portfolio. You don’t need a tripod. Just keep in mind the total weight of your bag because we will walk along the day (with some breaks of course) but it will be a long day. Should we expect some rain, you should have a raincoat and/or an umbrella to keep going. Walking shoes (trekking/fitness) are the best choice, because Sintra is tricky to walk. You can always check the weather forecast and use your common sense.


We meet at the front door of your local address (hotel or apartment), so you will see me waiting with a LISBON PHOTO id-card and a red private car. End of the tour can be at the same place (your local address) or centrally in Lisbon.


On a full day Sintra photography tour, we will move around quite a lot. So we have it all planned so that you have the best experience. We will go with a private car from Lisbon to Sintra and back to Lisbon. In Sintra we have two kinds of transport: our legs and also some private transfers (electric cars) up and down the hill.



Sintra is very near Lisbon but it has a different climate, we call it a micro-climate. The ocean, the mountain shape and all the green makes it unique and sometimes unpredictable. While summer allows a simple t-shirt, winter can be chilly and windy, in other words, cold. We may face some rain, so we have to be ready. Walking shoes are almost mandatory. Sudden fog could also happen, with a very moody feeling, one can never be sure about anything. It will be great anyway.


Regardless of being a serious photographer, a companion or someone playing with a mobile phone, this Sintra full day photography tour is an exceptional experience, because it is full of impressive views, details, architecture, history, culture and gastronomy. All companions will have a great time, because they will make part of the action all day long.


Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with an endless list of interesting places and subjects to visit, to understand and to photograph. We will explore a quiet Sintra village (that goes back to the middle age), the unique 19th century Pena Palace that was inspired by the central european castles (Sintra’s landmark number one) and the puzzling Quinta da Regaleira, owned by an extravagant Portuguese, with that very special well everybody wants to see.


It is possible to interact with the local community everytime we have the chance. The Sintra village is quite small, so we may only see some elderly residents, not that many. It is always a chance for you to practice some Portuguese.


We will have many, starting with all the comfortable transfers. We can stop for a coffee or drink along the day, because all the monuments offer that service. Also, we will stop for a nice (basic, healthy or sophisticated) lunch in central Sintra.