Duration • Evening/night (approx 3h)



Night tours are so different from day tours. Instead of walking around looking for interesting subjects or a sudden action, we move from point A to point B, then to point C, etc. The whole idea is to photograph places with strong light sources. And we have them. Chiado by night becomes a very interesting area, showing you the old city painted in warm colours, while Oriente by night will show you the modern and futuristic Lisbon. Almost graphic.
You will need a tripod for most of the night photos. Some can be done hand held if your camera has a good quality with a high ISO. Otherwise, tripod. Some of the photos may include light effects, with people moving or with car lights. We will do our best to capture what we have in front of us.
So we will plan each photo like a small art project: we find a good spot, we see and isolate what has potential, we mount the tripod, we compose the image and we photograph. Then we analize and fix what is wrong or improve what is good. In the end you should have one exceptional photo.
You can check PINTEREST which is organized by themes to get a good idea about all the possibilities. You can also check INSTAGRAM if you want an overall picture of the pictures.



The normal meeting time is at 8PM (20:00) ending at 11PM (23:00). This works for both night photo tours. But we can always try some kind of adjustment, because of the sunset time. We may change the starting time according to the season.


You can have all your photo equipment with you, from wide-angle to tele-photo lenses. You need a tripod as well, because we want to do some long exposures. If you don’t have a tripod, I have a professional model that you can use (extra fee of 10€). Please let me know about your needs in advance. Walking shoes (normal/trekking/fitness) are a good choice, because Lisbon can be tricky to walk. Nights can be chilly, you should check the weather forecast and use common sense.


If you book Chiado by night, we meet downtown at the main square, Praça Dom Pedro IV, also known as Rossio. You will see two green fountains, we meet at the northern one that is near the classic big and white theatre. If you book Oriente by night, we meet at the northern side of Parque das Nações, in front of the Myriad by Sana Hotel.


Night photography tours are done on very specific areas, so we will only walk. While Chiado has some ups and downs that are easy to do, Oriente is completely flat, which makes it very easy to do.



Lisbon has a moderate climate, with less and less clouds, so the typical night tour is under the stars. If it rains, we should take advantage of that, because the streets will have an amazing glossy effect and more saturated colours. I can cover one photographer plus tripod with my huge umbrella.


Night photography tours can also be interesting for your companion because everything is different from the day. The night atmosphere changes the city and makes it fascinating with all the light effects we will see. Besides that, we will talk about the local history and culture and will explain what we are seeing and taking pictures of. It is a safe way for your companion to enjoy the night vibe.


Being a local and living in Portugal since birth, it is normal to know a lot about the local history and culture. This is something that will be shared with you and your companion during the tour, along the way and also when we stop to plan the next photo. It makes this photo tour very complete in terms of local experience. In the end you will remember it.


Connecting with locals may be a good idea on a day tour, but not on a night tour. We will explore areas that are perfectly safe, but we won’t see all the elderly residents from the old districts that would love to chat with me and then with you. It wouldn’t make much sense anyway because we will have a different mind setting.


We don’t have an actual break planned, because the night tours last three hours and we are stopping all the time for the next photo project. But we can stop if you need, either for a quick coffee or to go to the toilet.