All the photography tours on this page are on a private basis and can be tailored to your preferences and/or needs. The advantages are clear – we will walk together like old time photography buddies and you will get all the attention, photography wise and composition wise.
We will find the hidden gems, you will get expert photo advice, you will come with stunning photos and we will avoid crowds.

Your companion gets the same because even with a mobile phone, we will have lots to see, learn and compose on. Local history and culture make also part of the tour, so that you all have the most complete experience.
All the prices are fixed, regardless of the number of persons attending, photographers or companions, so you are paying for a time slot. Exception goes for Sintra.


With multiple areas to explore, we can plan what is best for you during your stay. During your Lisbon photography day tour, we can get lost in Alfama and Mouraria, two of the oldest districts. Maybe we will choose the opposite hill and go to Bica and Cais do Sodré.
We can also plan a combination of all the typical areas plus some high contrast modern zones. We need time for that, so it all depends on how long we will be together. Although Lisbon is mostly a sunny city, rain can be a magic moment. Either way, photography wins.

Lisbon day tours can be in the morning or afternoon. You can also combine them on a full day. The light is always different, we can adjust the route to the light, weather and season.

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Prices • Full day 180EUR • Half day 90EUR


A night tour is a different experience. Instead of photographing along the way, we focus on the pursue of light. In other words, the final portfolio will be much shorter than on a day tour. Think about each photo as a small project that needs planning and testing until the final result.
All Lisbon photography night tours are a challenge that require a tripod and provide a nice tech chat as well. While Chiado proudly shows a cosy style, Oriente is an incredible and modern architecture sight. Hard to choose, so you have to share your preferences to make the best choice.

Lisbon night tours can be adjusted to follow the season so that we can photograph sunset and twilight whenever it makes sense. Planning is key.

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Family travel is a great activity, because you can be with your kids, play with them and at the same time show them the world. The other side of the coin is the fact that kids do not cooperate at all when parents assist to a historical or cultural tour.
They have this amazing capability to sabotage all the adults tours that parents book. Well, this walking photo tour is exactly what families need to make everybody happy. Working as a team, the family will have to discover and photograph a number of subjects, with the help of a roadbook and the tour leader.

All the subjects you have to find have a nice story behind, so that the tour is rich in local history and culture. And nice photos. At the same time, you will all have a great Lisbon walking experience.

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One of the best experiences out of the city, for those visiting Lisbon. Sintra is home for old castles, narrow streets, unbelievable palaces and excellent views. All Sintra photography tours are a long but nice full day adventure, with an endless number of subjects to photograph and the shadows changing along the day.
An early morning exploration will show you a quiet Sintra village, when the light is still soft. At the top of the hill, the Pena Palace could be a graphic exercise, with a rewarding feeling when we leave. Regaleira has a different concept, almost black & white. It has also the famous well.

It is a must-visit UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be ready for some trekking action, walking, photographing or just enjoying the fantastic views.

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Prices• 1 pax 150EUR • 2 pax 200EUR • 3 pax 250EUR • 4 pax 300EUR


The small village of Obidos is one of the gems you can visit during your stay in Lisbon. Inside medieval walls and full of colours, this place is a must-visit. All Obidos photography tours are a full experience for you and your companion. We will walk up and down steps that are centuries old, finding the best angles and playing with image composition.
We can do different by seeing old subjects like the Obidos medieval castle from a graphic and simple perspective. You will be able to compose your photos on all those different colours and also play with the shadows. Obidos is full of nature, namely flowers, you and your companion could also try some nice macro or close-up photos.

A full day experience kind of lost in time, but with lots of time to see, photograph and learn about the local culture.

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Price220EUR (limited to 4 pax)


Porto is less than three hours by train from Lisbon. It is much smaller but that doesn’t mean it has less to see. So you have to imagine a zipped old city, and wonder how it all fits in such a small area. But old and compact is good. You will need all your lenses to overcome this fascinating challenge that is to photograph Porto.
One of the nice things about Porto is the fact that the Douro river is so narrow, that you can walk to Gaia and actually leave Porto. Now just imagine the potential in terms of views. Imagine the food and the wine, the tiles and the warm colours. The whole idea is to explore this amazing city together, an afternoon, an evening and the next morning.

Your companion will have so much fun making part of the team, because even with a mobile phone, you can make amazing photos. And listen to the local stories too.

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