An excellent way to get a deep photography knowledge - we will go through technical settings like exposure time, f-stops or apertures, ISO and white balance, also some image composition rules.
While we chat about all the above, we take photos, we make experiences, we delete most of the photos and keep the good ones! So choosing is also part of the workshop and sometimes it can be quite hard.
You can have a DSLR (high end or entry), a hybrid or a compact camera, either way you will learn a lot.

Last but not least, as the day goes by, you will enjoy the city and experience an extensive insight of the old city areas. This is very important to be aware of, should you book the workshop having someone with you.

I suggest a full day photography workshop to give you time to process all the information you will get. We can do something customized for you as well.

Type • Full day photography workshop (approx. eight to nine hours)

Prices • 1 pax 200EUR • 2 pax 150EUR
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